About Us

Company History

Concrete Sealing Concepts, Inc. ("CSC") was started in 1982 by brothers Chuck and Bill Ortiz and remains a dedicated family business. During their military service, Chuck and Bill learned the importance of dedication, hard work, attention to detail and perseverance. CSC provides the finest in industrial and commercial flooring by transforming floors to meet the individual needs of the customer. 


Chuck and Bill have built a reputation for excellence that started from the ground up. Both have worked in the trenches, and have first hand knowledge of  concrete floor cleaning, sealing, coating, staining and repairs. To ensure customer satisfaction, either Chuck or Bill are on site for every job. 

CSC's extensive client list includes but is not limited to, the following high-profile businesses: Disneyland, Ronald Reagan Library, Costco Wholesale, Coca Cola, UPS, FedEx Ground, Toshiba, Target, The Orange County Register, Kenworth Trucks, the Los Angeles Times, Billabong, O'Neil, Goodyear Tire, Kraft Foods and Lockheed Martin.