Concrete Cleaning

This is where Concrete Sealing Concepts, Inc. got its start 35 years ago.  Chuck and Bill gained extensive experience performing thousands of jobs, perfecting their skills with on the job experience and making them leaders within the concrete industry.  What separates our concrete services from our competitors, is that we offer you choices to meet your needs. Yes, we can diamond grind a floor to clean it but so can anybody else. While diamond grinding has its place, such as prepping for epoxy coatings, stains, etc., there are other means to clean a floor that can offer you a more cost-effective solution. One method that we prefer to use, if possible, is by mechanically cleaning the floor. We do this by first scrubbing the floor to get rid of any dust and dirt to expose the concretes surface. We then apply a solution of hot water and heavy duty detergent and buff the entire floor inch by inch with black 3M pads.  After this process, we rescrub the floor until it is clean. 

Concrete Sealing

Acrylic: A water-based sealer that is designed for sealing non-resilient surfaces such as concrete. Acrylic sealers protect and enhance the appearance of concrete by forming a thin, non-yellowing coat and adding depth and richness to the concrete's surface. They act as a dustproofer by preventing the floor from creating dust. Acrylic sealers are made for easy maintenance should the floor get dirty. Since they form a thin layer on the concrete surface all that is required to clean the floor is light wet mopping.  Acrylic sealers are perfect for many light industrial and commercial settings such as food processing plants, offices, showroom floors or anywhere else a decorative and protective coat is required. May be applied in a matte (natural look) finish or gloss (wet look) finish

Hardener/Densifier: A hardener/densifier is a type of sealer that penetrates the concrete and seals it internally. The result is a permanent increase in the concrete's density, hardness and durability. Most coatings such as acrylics, epoxies and urethanes just sit on the concrete's surface. After time the coating wears off, chips away or just loses it's luster. A unique feature of sealer hardeners/densifiers is that they actually become part of the concrete instead of just coating it. Where most coatings get worse with age, hardener/densifiers get better. The longer the floors are subjected to traffic and cleaning, the better they look. After time and with proper maintenance, a floor that is coated with a sealer hardener can take on a marble-like and glassy look. Due to their characteristics, we recommend sealer hardeners be applied in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, freezers/coolers, parking structures or any other high traffic areas that are prone to heavy abuse. All hardener/densifiers that we use contain  0 VOCs and are USDA approved     


Epoxy coatings can be applied if you are looking for a “showroom” quality finish. When choosing an epoxy coating, there are two ways to go: 

1) The first option is a 60% solids, two-part water extended epoxy. 

2) The second option is a 100% solids two-part epoxy.

Aesthetically speaking there is not much difference between 60% and 100% epoxies. The difference is in the durability. 100% solids epoxy is chemical resistant and thicker in viscosity than 60% solids epoxy. Think of 60% being about as thick as milk and 100% more like pancake batter. The result is a much hardier floor.

Under normal wear and tear conditions, 60% solids epoxy is the perfect choice. We’ve used it in airport hangars, machine shops, showrooms and many other applications that require a surface tolerant and general maintenance coating. However, if there is a chance of chemical leakage or spillage then we recommend going with 100%. Only 100% solids epoxies are USDA approved. In environments such as forklift battery charging areas, a 100% epoxy has to be used.  When using epoxies, you get a beautiful finish, an even surface and improved lighting because the epoxy reflects the light well. If you are considering an epoxy coating for your company's needs, we would love the opportunity to discuss the available options and what works best for your business. Please contact Concrete Sealing Concepts, Inc. at  (714) 997-0683  today to find out more information and to receive an estimate. 


Many office buildings and retail spaces are moving away from traditional floor coatings such as carpet or tile and going with the more industrial look of concrete.  Concrete staining has become a practical and decorative alternative.  

Concrete staining has a number of benefits over other types of floor coatings. It is easier to clean than carpet and because it is a stain, it is permanent.  You don’t have to worry about it wearing away and other than normal upkeep, a coat of wax about once a year is all it takes to keep your floors looking new.  

If you are interested in concrete staining for your office complex, retail space or facility, contact us at (714) 997-0683 to discuss the available options or to schedule an estimate.  Concrete Sealing Concepts have been providing professional concrete sealing and repair solutions for offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouses for more than 30 years in the Southern California area.  We have established our reputation by providing the highest quality services available and working to always exceed our customers’ expectations. 

Joint Caulking

If you have an office, warehouse, or anything in between that is need of a complete look, we offer joint caulking services.  This service provides customers with solid joint edges that reduce spalling, cracking and failing.  This product is not only cosmetically advantageous but functional as well. Another added benefit is that it help prevent the accumulation of dirt. All of the joint caulking that we use is USDA approved.   


If you have a warehouse or a large concrete space, chances are cracks or spalls (holes) have started to develop. If these problems are not addressed, it can lead to even larger problems.  Cracks and spalls can become trip hazards and can damage equipment such as forklift tires if left unattended over time.  

Concrete Sealing Concepts, Inc.0 are experts in concrete repairs.  We can correct these problems to provide a safe environment in your warehouse.  When repairing cracks, our process involves routing out the crack with a V cut.  We thoroughly clean the area than we add two part 100% epoxy and then grind it out to a smooth surface.  The epoxy is used because of its pliability so it gives with the floor, giving the area more strength.

When repairing spalls, we drill out the area, clean it thoroughly and fill it with two part epoxy that is so hard that it actually becomes part of the concrete.  This is then smoothed out so you have an even surface.   

If your warehouse floor is starting to show the signs of age by cracks and spalls, give us a call at (714) 997-0683 to find out more information or to schedule an estimate.  We have been providing All of Southern California manufacturing, office and warehousing facilities the highest quality concrete sealing and repairing services since 1982.  We have built our reputation on providing the highest quality services at a fair price.